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Share your enterprise data with any cloud product today!


Illuminate provides a turnkey, seamless, and innovative interface that can be used by business users to create APIs. Illuminate’s innovative interface provides modules to build APIs by dropping in queries, stored procedures or files.


The user-friendly wizard-like tools allow non-technical staff to publish available APIs and secure them for use by business partners and internal application developers.


Business users can employ the simple, innovative user interface to securely share data with any API-enabled cloud-based (SaaS) product by simply clicking a few buttons on Illuminate.

Business Problem

Enterprises worldwide have secure enterprise data stored in multiple ERP systems, COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) products and other disparate systems. These enterprises are now looking for turnkey solutions to share their enterprise data securely for uses such as mobile devices, wearables or a customer portal. The industry standard to expose enterprise data securely is to build APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and expose them as web services. Most API builder products on the market require expensive software, programmers, or other highly skilled technical resources. Even using these expensive resources, it can take weeks to build an API library for an enterprise.

Best Practice solution

  • A product that allows your business users to build complex APIs in a matter of minutes.
  • A product that allows you to access all your enterprise data, whether the data is on-premise or on the cloud, in a seamless and secure fashion using a simple, turnkey, wizard-like user interface.
  • A product that is affordable, with subscription-based licensing

How is this possible ?

Start using Illuminate now

Illuminate provides you with a powerful, flexible tool for API management. Illuminate allows you to centralize application integrations in one platform to enable your IT staff to see which systems or partners are accessing data in real-time. Illuminate provides a single button click to authorize each system, API, or data field and track each transaction for ease of troubleshooting and security review.

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