N2N Wins 2018 Blockchain Vendor Integration Award

N2N Wins 2018 Blockchain Vendor Integration Award

The Blockchain for Education Awards were announced at the 2018 Blockchain Essentials in Education Conference on May 16th at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK. Awards were presented in four categories: Blockchain Vendor Integration, Blockchain for Education Vision, Blockchain for Education Collaboration and Blockchain Education Champion.

N2N Services was awarded the Blockchain Vendor Integration Award during a ceremony held on May 16, 2018. Michael L. Mathews, AVP for Innovation and Technology at Oral Roberts University, presented the award to N2N’s Founder and CEO Kiran Kodithala. “Companies like N2N are instrumental in integrating all the pieces across the campus that make Blockchain viable to transform education” said Mathews.

The Blockchain Vendor Integration Award is given to the vendor who has completed a Blockchain application for education whereby it integrates to the Student Information System and awards a credential, certificate, diploma and/or degree while showing a value on future investment or significant return on investment.

“I am excited about leading companies like N2N who are ushering in the Fluidity of education to personalize education,” says Kathaleen Reid-Martinez, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Oral Roberts University. “Blockchain and AI with innovative integrations through N2N give me every hope of transformation on a global scale.”

This award emphasises the commitment and investment N2N has made in innovative technologies that promote the advancement higher education systems. “Our current education systems are dated, we still use outdated constructs like transcripts, credit hours, and sage on the stage. These outdated systems are making education expensive and out of reach for a majority of students.” said Kodithala. “N2N is committed to leveraging technology innovations for the success of every student worldwide. N2N believes that Blockchain technology, powered by AI and VR can truly transform education”


The Blockchain Essentials for Education Conference was hosted by Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Conference enables education professionals to understand how blockchain technology such as cryptocurrency, smart contracts, distributed databases, and public ledgers are, and will continue to transform higher education.  For more information visit: https://www.blockchain-education18.com/

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