Data Management New Year’s Resolutions Your Organization Should Be Making

Data Management New Year’s Resolutions Your Organization Should Be Making

OK, let’s be honest – how long do your New Year’s resolutions usually last?


Are you out the door at 5 am on January 1 (fine, maybe January 2) for your new morning jogging regimen – only to decide on January 7 or so that the health benefits of getting more sleep outweigh those of a morning run?


Do you buy out the health food section of the store every January – but then end up tossing most of it weeks later, once you realize you never really liked tofu after all, or conclude that carbs can’t possibly be all that bad?


So why do we keep making those resolutions, year after year, in spite of our recurrent willpower struggles?


It may be the champagne…but then again, it may be the fact that most resolutions are truly worthy goals that will bring positive changes in our lives long-term.


With that in mind, it stands to reason that taking some time to make a few New Year’s resolutions at your organization would be a useful exercise, as well (one that probably shouldn’t involve too much champagne, though…).


And bonus – with the combined willpower of everyone in your organization, along with the processes and structure that can be put in place to support those new resolutions, you’re a lot more likely to follow through and actually reach those goals.


So what kinds of resolutions should your organization be making?


Of course, everyone wants to boost profits, reduce costs, streamline processes, and improve outcomes. But starting with big, nebulous goals like that is a surefire way to get nowhere fast. Planning several concrete actions your organization will take in one specific area of business is a much more effective way to approach your New Year’s resolutions.


And what area of business is more all-encompassing – and has more of an influence on every other aspect of your organization – than data management?    

Refining and updating your data management strategy – or putting one in place, if you don’t have an integrated, comprehensive one yet – is the single most beneficial thing you can do for your organization in 2019. From productivity to costs to growth, your data management plan affects every important goal your organization has.



Just like your own personal resolutions, the following 3 data management goals are all about making positive changes that lead to increased wellbeing long-term:



Get Organized (Create or Update Your Data Management Strategy)

First things first. Just as getting organized in your private life helps you reduce stress, prioritize what’s important, and get things done more efficiently and effectively, putting a data management strategy in place helps your organization do the same. Your plan should take into account current needs and resources, as well as expectations for the future, and should make every element of data management at your organization an integrated, intentional choice that supports the goals of the strategy as a whole.



Eat Healthier (Ensure Data Quality)

As the Coca-Cola Company reminds us, Put Good In, Get Good Out (which is a little ironic, but we’ll leave that alone for now). The principle is true, however – just like eating better gives us more energy and improves our health, ensuring data quality results in better organizational health, creating better outcomes for both your customers (or students, in the case of higher ed) and your bottom line. Eliminating duplicate records, for example, can mean more accurate and effective communication – which will ultimately result in growth.



Save Money (Streamline Data Management Processes)

Everybody wants to save more money – and just like cutting back and budgeting helps an individual take control of their finances, streamlining your data management processes makes a huge difference in productivity, costs, and efficiency for your organization. If you can easily automate a process, why waste resources doing it manually? Look into solutions that will allow you to streamline, and thus boost your bottom line.



Have we convinced you to make some data management resolutions at your organization?



Then let us give you one more pro tip.



You know what the single easiest way to hit all three of these goals is?



Partnering with N2N, and using our Illuminate API management platform and our IDMatch data quality assurance module to provide a comprehensive data management solution.

Using the Illuminate platform is a data management strategy in and of itself, giving your organization the agility to integrate, test, change out, and add in any apps, databases, and other systems you want, in minutes and without coding, now and in the future. And IDMatch ensures data quality, preventing duplicate records by streamlining the data review process.



With these tools in place, your organization will be poised to take on the new year like never before.



So what are you waiting for? Resolve to give N2N a call today. And after we chat? Then you can break out that champagne! It’s gonna be a great year.

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