Laying the Foundation For a Student-Centric Campus

Laying the Foundation For a Student-Centric Campus

This is the third and final installment in a series of posts discussing critical aspects of the Educause report “Top 10 IT Issues 2020: The Drive to Digital Transformation Begins.”

In our last two blog posts, we discussed the data integration challenges institutions are facing in the context of the constantly connected student, as well as the intersection of digital transformation and faculty adoption

Though the pandemic has urgently accelerated both the need for and the implementation of new approaches to just about every aspect of the higher ed experience, the limitations and obstacles to those new approaches that existed before covid still remain: 

– IT teams still need to pour considerable time and money into the integration of new tools into an institution’s IT ecosystem.

– Faculty and staff still face a learning curve with any new tool, which sometimes results in limited adoption.

Meanwhile, students used to a ubiquitous connection and seamless digital experiences are demanding that their colleges and universities provide a truly student-centric environment for them – a campus experience that encompasses not only their physical, in-person interactions with their institution, but also their virtual interactions, whether with learning resources or administrative resources – and allows them to move effortlessly and seamlessly among them all.

Trying to find solutions that address each of these challenges is a formidable task for higher ed administrators already dealing with all of 2020’s slings and arrows. 

Fortunately, there is one solution that provides a firm foundation for the creation of a student-centric campus that checks all the above boxes, one that creates a secure, easy-to-use framework for data integration that is simple to adapt to changing requirements – the N2N Illuminate platform.

N2N Illuminate is an integration platform developed specifically for higher ed, with pre-built integrations for the tools you’ve been using for years, and quick, snap-together integrations for the new tools you want to try out today.    

By placing Illuminate at the center of your IT ecosystem:

– You’ll drastically reduce the IT resources needed to integrate any new tool, freeing your IT team up for other, more important tasks.   

– You’ll gain much needed flexibility in the choice of tools you use, allowing you to quickly and affordably integrate and try out different ones as needed to ensure faculty and staff adoption.

– And you’ll be able to easily create a student-centered, seamless experience that will help you retain current students and attract new students.

…all while gaining the ability to quickly and easily adjust to whatever 2021 and beyond has in store for us.      

At N2N, we are committed to a student-centric and seamless experience, that begins at recruitment and follows through application, acceptance, financing, learning, student success, graduation, and beyond. 

Let us help you lay the foundation for a bright future for your institution and your students, no matter what lies ahead. Contact us for a free demo today. 

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