PayClearly and N2N Services Give Higher Education AP Departments Optimal Efficiency Through Better Payments Processes

PayClearly and N2N Services Give Higher Education AP Departments Optimal Efficiency Through Better Payments Processes

PayClearly, an automated payments solution, has partnered with N2N Services to give Higher Education institutions the ability to integrate their ERP systems with accounts payables, streamlining an otherwise time-consuming process.

A strategic partnership with N2N Services, a leading provider of integration systems for Higher Education, allows PayClearly the ability to offer a fully integrated accounts payables payment solution. Universities and colleges use complex ERP systems such as Banner, Colleague, Workday, Oracle and Jenzabar, among others, that contain data necessary to the AP departments daily tasks. This streamlined approach to payables can evolve a department’s processes to allow for a much higher level of efficiency, leading to great savings and revenue-earning rewards.

“Our purpose is to solve payment problems and make the payments process as easy as possible,” stated John Jamieson, Senior Vice President of Sales at PayClearly. “N2N’s simple integration into higher education ERP systems removes multiple, cumbersome steps for controllers, university accountants and all accounts payable staff, allowing for a one step process within one enterprise software. The process becomes truly seamless, leaving time on the table for other important tasks while saving the department money.”

“We are confident that our integration platform, Illuminate, combined with PayClearly’s solution will not only help higher educations’ accounts payables processes but also provide those departments with long-term financial savings,” said Danielle Whitney, N2N Services Vice President of Business Development . “N2Ns integration platform is built to positively affect campuses helping provide higher levels of technology for optimal operational efficiency.”


About PayClearly

PayClearly is a global leader in payment issuing, card processing and other payment solutions that help companies scale more easily. Through the efforts of dedicated sales, development, and support teams in 4 cities across the United States and a network of issuing and acquiring partners operating in over 210 countries, PayClearly provides its clients and partners with streamlined payment solutions that significantly reduce costs and provide valuable business operations improvements.

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