SaaS Migration and Integration: The Unexplored Human Element

SaaS Migration and Integration: The Unexplored Human Element

It’s a funny thing about people.

They’re independent.

They’re unpredictable.

And their creative genius, unique perspectives and insights, and ability to make tough decisions are crucial to moving your business forward.

There’s a funny thing about businesses, too, though.

Enterprises today are coming to rely more and more on automated processes for just about every aspect of business.

But the people choosing and using those apps still have a huge impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of those automated processes.

It’s something that’s not often talked about, but understanding and addressing the human element of business process automation and SaaS migration is the key to unlocking its full potential.

Independence and the Quest for Improvement

How many SaaS apps does your organization use right now? And can you answer that with complete confidence?

The ease of downloading and trying out SaaS apps means that employees in any given department might be testing out or even outright adopting new apps at any time, without necessarily going through the proper channels or letting all the right people know.

And while their goals of increased efficiency and productivity are laudable, the fact that these employees haven’t integrated these SaaS apps with the rest of your organization’s systems means one of two things. Either your team is wasting time manually transferring data from your databases to that app and back, or your IT department is going to have to get to work again writing custom APIs to integrate that app with all your existing systems.

This is happening every. single. time. someone else thinks to themselves, “Hey! This app looks like a great way to save time and improve processes! I’m going to try it out!”

It’s almost enough to make CIOs want to stifle that constant drive for improvement – which is exactly what you don’t want in business!      

Integration Is Key
So what can organizations do to address this human element of business process automation?

Get smart about integration.

An API management platform like our Illuminate app makes the adoption of new SaaS apps a nonissue.

5 different departments wanting to try out 5 different new apps? Go for it.

Programmers too busy to get around to the custom coding it’d take to integrate 2 new apps you’re adding to the mix? Not a problem.

Illuminate is the simple, elegant way to integrate not only your new apps and your existing systems – but your processes and your people.   

Here’s how it works.

Illuminate automatically configures APIs that integrate each and every SaaS app and program your business uses, so that your programmers don’t have to.

It enables each to communicate instantly and seamlessly with all the other apps, and leaves the door wide open for new additions down the road.

This means that popping a new SaaS app in to try it out, or adopting several new apps at once, isn’t a hassle or a waste of time at all. It’s just a matter of tossing them into the API management platform, and letting it do its thing.

And that means that the people on your team can keep up that search for improvement, indulge that independent streak, and embrace that beautiful human unpredictability – because that’s exactly what will help your organization thrive.  

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