Tapestry of Integration

Tapestry of Integration

You know, we may be tech nerds here at N2N, but what people often don’t know is that we’ve got an artistic side, too.

And since our integration solution, Illuminate, is specifically made for the higher ed market, and that’s the world we come from and spend our days immersed in, it might not surprise you too much to learn that we’re a bunch of history and literature buffs, as well. (Which you can probably tell by taking a look at our blog posts referencing Beowulf and the Odyssey!)

It occurred to us the other day that while on the one hand, what we do is wrestle with data and numbers and code – on the other, it’s a lot like weaving a medieval tapestry. Dubious? Let me explain.

  1. We both provide instant, accessible communication: Those gorgeous hand-crafted tapestries told stories – conveyed information – that was important to a culture. They made that information intelligible to anyone at a glance, instantly accessible to peasants and kings alike.


And that’s a lot like what we do here via our Illuminate platform. 


Now, we’re not calling anyone a peasant – but our API Management Platform makes data that’s vital to your institution instantly and easily accessible by any app, program, or system you use. It integrates every piece of your IT puzzle and enables seamless communication and data transfer between them all, quickly and easily, without any coding involved. Well, maybe a bit of SQL for some systems, but that’s it!


  1. We both make a bird’s eye view possible: When you stand back to look at an entire medieval tapestry, you can see an entire story, from start to finish, at one glance. You get the big picture, literally! You can drill down any time to get more granular and look at individual scenes, but there are unique insights to be gained from understanding a story as a whole.


In the same way, the Illuminate platform gives you the ability to see the complete picture that your institution’s data paints. (Sorry for mixing metaphors…) With real-time access to every piece of data from every department, you can glean new insights into overall trends and needs you might not have noticed from a ground level view. And then you can respond accordingly.     


  1. We’re both things of beauty: OK, OK, not to brag or anything… I mean, medieval tapestries are beautiful – no argument there, right? They represent a unique art form of their time period that incorporates meaning and beauty and skill all at once.


Well, Illuminate is definitely a product of our times, allowing institutions to draw meaning and insight from the endless streams of data they collect. Our highly skilled N2N customer support team works with institutions every step of the way to implement and customize it as needed. And it’s an elegant solution to the complex and often tangled integration webs that colleges and universities are dealing with – plugging everything in to our platform allows every single app, database, and program to communicate seamlessly.     

So, the next time you’re strolling through a museum and see a gorgeous medieval tapestry on display – think of N2N. Even better, give us a call right now, so we can start weaving a thing of beauty for your institution today.

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