What’s Holding You Back When It Comes To Integration?

What’s Holding You Back When It Comes To Integration?

Well, it’s time to just come right out and admit it.


And honestly, we’re proud of it.


Here at N2N, we really are a bunch of nerds.


But not just any nerds. We’re technology integration nerds – passionate to the point of obsession about the latest and greatest in integration technology.


We’re technology integration evangelists.


So when people ask us what all the buzz about technology integration is, we’re more than happy to explain.


It’s an unfamiliar concept to many, and it’s a side of tech that’s not as flashy as the latest AI development or VR use case…but it’s something that can totally rock your world once you get it.


At N2N, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind API Management Platform, called Illuminate, that enables users to integrate their organization’s apps, systems, databases, and programs easily and quickly, without any coding involved.


Plenty of people don’t even realize they need something like this, and don’t see how it could make a difference in their businesses. Many don’t quite understand what it is or how it works, and figure it’s probably just way too complex to mess with. And some just don’t see how it would fit into their current business ecosystem, or assume it must be prohibitively expensive.


That’s fine – in fact, that’s great! Because we here at N2N love nothing more than educating people about technology integration, and sharing our passion and excitement for this admittedly very nerdy niche.


So let’s go through and address each of these objections or stumbling blocks to technology integration. We promise – after a few minutes, our excitement will be contagious.


1 – What is an API Management Platform, and how does it work?


First of all, let’s talk about APIs. An API is sort of like the translation device in your favorite science fiction series – hook two different programs up together with an API, and suddenly, they can communicate!


An API Management Platform is a program that enables people to build their own customized APIs to connect all of their unique systems, databases, and apps to each other, so they can all communicate with each other.


Usually, it takes programmers weeks to write custom code to create APIs. But the cool thing about our Illuminate platform is that we’ve created a set of API building blocks that can be snapped together literally in minutes by a layman to fit any technology integration need. And we even developed a wizard to guide you through the whole process.


Illuminate is pretty much the opposite of complex – it’s a simple, elegant tool for simplifying technology integration at your organization.  


2 – Why do I need an API Management Platform, and how can it help my business?


Ah, this is the million dollar question! Integration equals efficiency, productivity, accuracy. Integration saves time and money, and frees up resources. If you’ve got anyone on your team doing any kind of manual data entry, or having to cross-reference data from different databases, you’ll benefit from the technology integration that an API Management Platform makes possible.


Of course, you could just hire an expensive team of developers to custom code those APIs for you over the next month or so…or you could do it yourself in a few minutes, and save your business the time, money, and hassle.    


An API Management Platform also prepares your business for the future. By making the integration of new apps into your systems simple and quick, it gives you the freedom you to try out new programs and take advantage of innovations – in other words, it creates radical agility.  


3 – How can I fit an API Management Platform affordably into my current business ecosystem?


With Illuminate, you don’t even have to worry about the initial set-up – because it’s got the amazing customer service of N2N behind it. We can handle every aspect of the set-up for you, and make sure you’re over-the-top happy with everything before we leave you to it. And even then, we haven’t really left – you can always give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help with any questions.


As for price? We’ve got your back. We have different tiers of pricing based on usage, so there’s a level for your business, no matter where you are right now. And every one of those tiers is less expensive than hiring those programmers, or even asking your own IT team to dedicate all those weeks to coding APIs from scratch.  

So, what’s holding you back when it comes to technology integration?  API Management Platforms are truly simple, straightforward tools that can not only save your business money – they provide you with the flexibility to take advantage of the new opportunities waiting just ahead. Contact N2N today for more information.

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