Data Management Best Practices for 2019

Data Management Best Practices for 2019

Does your organization have a love-hate relationship with data?


On the one hand, data makes the world go ‘round. It’s what enables organizations to do their thing…to grow…to improve. It guides decisions and shapes strategies. It illuminates the past and informs the future. It’s vital to literally every aspect of business and higher education today.


On the other hand…there’s so much of it! It’s overwhelming. Confusing. Sometimes contradictory. It makes for tons of extra work, and creates tech and procedural headaches left and right.


So what’s the best way to handle this crucial but frustrating resource?


With 2019 right around the corner, it’s time to take a new approach to data management.


Addressing data management piecemeal, or waiting to make changes till problems arise, just isn’t going to cut it anymore. You think we’ve got a lot of data to deal with now? Just wait till we hit the 2020s! 2019 is the perfect time to proactively get all your data ducks in a row, so you’re ready for whatever the new decade brings. So let’s take a look at the 3 steps that will stand you in good stead for the future.

1 – Create a data management strategy.

This first step is vital. Take a step back from the details that are so easy to get lost in, and look at the big picture. You need an overarching data management strategy. From collection to integration to quality assurance to distribution to storage to security…every single aspect of your data management procedures should be intentional and aligned with a single strategy in mind. Leave room for the future in your strategy as well – make sure your plan includes some agility for incorporating any new data feeds or new tech that may become important tools a few years from now.

2 – Automate data integration.

Does every single one of your apps and programs automatically communicate and share data with each of the others? Or are you stuck cross-referencing data manually, or looking things up in one system to manually add to another? With new data constantly coming at us in such large quantities, it’s simply becoming impossible to keep up without an automated integration solution.


N2N’s Illuminate platform gives you a simple, elegant way to integrate all your data feeds and systems in minutes, without any coding.  And as a bonus, it leaves room for the future as well, making it quick and easy to add new apps to the mix anytime.

3 – Ensure data quality.

How do you know that typos or other confusion during data collection aren’t creating duplicate records or other issues with data quality? Without human eyes on that data to check, you can’t be sure. But who has the resources to handle all of that manually?  


N2N’s IDMatch, an add-on module for the Illuminate platform, automates the time-consuming parts of data quality assurance, and then gives users the ability to quickly review potentially problematic records manually using an intuitive interface. Saving time and boosting accuracy in one fell swoop!

So if you’ve got a love-hate thing going on with data, and you’re worried about what 2019 and beyond will bring – call N2N today. We can get you set up with solutions that will get your organization future-ready, and change your relationship with data forever.

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