Mobile Integration on Campus: You’re Not As Future-Ready As You Think

Mobile Integration on Campus: You’re Not As Future-Ready As You Think

How many mobile devices do you think the average college student brings to campus today?


Let’s see…a laptop, a phone, a tablet, maybe an e-reader?


But if you guessed 3 or 4, you’d be wrong.


Back in 2015, according to an article in EdTech Magazine, students were bringing an average of seven internet-connected devices to college. Seven! In 2015!


Today, all bets are off. New tech is constantly being developed, and new types of devices continue to gain ground. Wearables, anyone?


Just about every new gadget that comes out is wifi-enabled and using its own branded apps to communicate with other devices.  


Which seems really awesome to a college student…


…but not so much to their college’s IT department.


Sure, your university may have boosted your network bandwidth, added some mobile apps for students, faculty, and staff, and then done some intensive coding to allow those apps to communicate with your student databases and other existing systems.


But what happens when the next wave of mobile devices comes out, with brand new capabilities and possibilities?


What happens when those new apps aren’t so new anymore, and need to be replaced by the latest best-of-breed SaaS apps?


What happens when students need to connect their VR headsets or drone cameras or smartglasses to the university network to turn in homework or experience a class?


Can you honestly say your campus IT is ready for this future?


You may not be as future-ready as you think – but N2N’s Illuminate API Management Platform can help in every single one of those scenarios. Here’s how:


  1.   New Mobile Devices: Whether it’s the latest incarnation of the iPhone, or a brand new gadget that has yet to be dreamed up, with Illuminate you can rest assured that your IT department will be able to create and manage APIs to integrate that device with your campus data when students start showing up to campus with it. N2N’s Illuminate makes it possible (and easy!) to create APIs to integrate any device into your network, from mobile to wearables and beyond.        


  1.   New Apps: And the new apps those new-fangled devices will be able to run – or any new apps that any device will be able to run, for that matter – will also be a non-issue for IT with Illuminate. Faculty need to start using a new app for grades? A great new tuition payment app is developed for student use? A new parent app is rolled out? No big deal. Illuminate’s API Management Platform makes it possible to build APIs to seamlessly integrate those apps with your existing systems in minutes, no coding necessary.   


  1.   New Approaches to Higher Ed:  Colleges and universities are already pushing the limits and exploring new ways to educate students, from online classes to augmented and virtual reality environments. And N2N is right there, too, developing innovative uses for blockchain technology, such as the Lifelong Learning Ledger, that will change the way higher ed works forever. Illuminate gives colleges and universities the agility not only to adapt to whatever changes come down the pipeline – but to be on the cutting edge of higher ed innovation.


Illuminate takes the burden and worry out of meeting the future – and leaves nothing but the excitement and promise.


If you’d like to find out more about how Illuminate can make your campus truly future-ready, contact us for a free demo today.

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