The Problem with Low-Code Platforms

The Problem with Low-Code Platforms

The Problem with Low-Code Platforms

So you wanna build an app.

And not just any app.

A complex, enterprise-level app. An app that will allow you to automate key processes in your business.

And you think you’ve found the perfect tool to do just that – a low-code development platform.  

It’ll allow your business developers to quickly, easily, and affordably create the custom app you need.

Seems like the perfect solution, right?

But then you read the recent Forrester report on low-code platforms, from January 2018.

Aaaaand you start to worry.

The report shares survey data gathered from users of low-code platforms, and does present them as effective tools delivering positive results: speed, flexibility, and cost savings among them.

But it also shares the issues that those users have encountered in using these platforms – and they’re not insignificant.


In fact, the three top problems cited almost seem to defeat the purpose of using the platforms in the first place. Let’s take a look.

1. Extensive coding is often required after all.

Paradoxically, users say that the use of low-code platforms often results in the need for more coding. Building the application is one thing – but then integrating that app with each and every other app, program, and system your business uses means using your IT resources or bringing in programmers to handle that herculean task. And isn’t that cost and hassle exactly what you were trying to avoid?

2. Reporting features are usually inadequate.

And it’s not just integration that calls for more programming. Users also find that their analytics and reporting needs aren’t being met by low-code platforms’ offerings. So once again, custom coding is necessary in order to get at that all-important data.

3. Outside help is often necessary in order to overcome challenges.

Finally, a majority of the respondents to the survey admit that they had to resort to hiring outside help in order to implement their new app. User-interface issues, adoption scaling, and of course, the integration and reporting issues mentioned above are all areas where vendors and systems integrators are brought in.

So what does this mean for your enterprise? Should you throw your hands up in despair and go back to coding everything from scratch?

Well, you could…

…or you could make that low-code platform deliver on its promise, by coupling its use with an API management platform like Illuminate.

Illuminate allows you to get all the benefits of that low-code platform, while eliminating all the issues that the users surveyed experienced:  

  • Build that app quickly and easily – and then use Illuminate to integrate it just as quickly and easily (no coding necessary!).

  • Use Illuminate’s robust analytics and simple user interface to get the data you need without resorting to more custom coding.

  • And if you do need any help with an issue that pops up, N2N can help – just as we’ve helped over 150 other organizations.  

That low-code platform may be the solution you’re looking for after all – but in order to realize all the benefits and none of the problems, be sure to couple it with Illuminate.


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