One Platform To Rule Them All: How N2N Makes Life Easier for Smaller Institutions

One Platform To Rule Them All: How N2N Makes Life Easier for Smaller Institutions

If you were really, really geeky, you could say that the One Ring, in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, was basically just an evil API Management Platform.

You’d have to be really geeky, though.

Fortunately, we here at N2N are pretty darn geeky. And it makes us a little giddy to think of ourselves as somehow connected to Middle Earth, so we’re gonna run with it.

Because with the One Ring, Sauron was able to integrate all of the other Rings of Power, communicate with them and control them.

It allowed him to efficiently and effectively run his evil “organization,” if you will, quickly and easily obtaining necessary information from all corners of the world, and communicating commands to those under his sway.

And that’s exactly what N2N’s Illuminate platform does, too! (Without the evil, of course.)

Illuminate acts like the One Ring, providing a single platform that integrates all the apps, programs, databases, and systems your institution uses.

It allows data to move freely, in real-time, to and from every part of your institution, without the hassle of manual data transfer or concerns about data quality.  

Now, Sauron was pretty much a one-man show.

Sure, he had his minions, but when it came right down to it, he was basically running the whole of Mordor, including Mordor’s IT department, on his own.

That’s why he was so smart to make use of that ring. Can you imagine trusting orcs to handle manual data transfer? No way.

He needed a single, central tool that would be easy to use, and automate the integration, rather than requiring constant attention.

Our Illuminate API Management Platform provides the exact same convenience factor for non-evil CEOs and CIOs of smaller insitutions.

By using an Integration-Platform-as-a-Service, rather than your own staffing, to handle data, you can be every bit as efficient and effective as if you had a huge army of IT guys at hand. It’s working smarter, not harder, using tech to do a job you’d need to hire more employees for otherwise – and getting it all done much more quickly and easily than if you did have employees custom coding your integrations for you.

Another big bonus of using a single central platform for integration is that anyone in your institution can easily access and use it. Just like a hobbit was able to tap into the One Ring’s powers simply by slipping it on, your staff won’t be dependent on the one guy who knows how the integrations work, but is out of town this week. They’ll be able to log in and instantly, intuitively get the job done – or call N2N to help, if needed.

Leveraging the Illuminate platform, and the legendary (if we do say so ourselves) customer support that comes along with it, is the smart way to address data management needs at a smaller institution. We’ve helped institutions large and small with their integration needs – and not one of them has ever felt the urge to toss their computers into Mount Doom. Just sayin’.

So if you’d like to embark on your own quest for smart integration, contact N2N today for a free demo of Illuminate.  Just speak friend and enter! (And if you got that reference, you’re just as geeky as we are. Congrats!)

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