The N2N Manifesto

The N2N Manifesto

At N2N, we believe in the promise of the future.

We believe in making innovation easy and accessible.

We believe in empowering businesses to take risks in the pursuit of growth…

…and in helping to make those risks safe bets.

We believe in removing unnecessary, outdated obstacles to growth and innovation.

We believe in making business processes more efficient…and more accurate at the same time.

We believe that tech should make things easier, not harder – simpler, not more complex.

We believe in letting tech handle what tech is best at…

…and letting humans handle what humans are best at.

We believe in providing revolutionary technology…and good old-fashioned customer service.

We believe that tech should serve people…your team, your customers, your students…make their lives easier and better, and open up new possibilities for them.

We believe that growth is a natural result of building real relationships and supporting and empowering people.


Our solutions were designed with this manifesto in mind, and our team is guided by these ideals every day.

At N2N, we’re passionate about what we do, because we serve a worthy cause.

We serve you.

And how do we do that?

Our solutions make integration easy.

The Illuminate platform completely removes IT from the equation, when it comes to trying out new apps and new programs. It enables businesses to integrate new apps with their existing databases and systems in minutes, with no coding involved – and to remove them just as easily if they’re not the right fit.

With the problem of integration solved, teams can experiment and innovate freely, trying out new apps until they find the perfect fit. There is no risk, expense, or time constraint. There is no downside.

N2N makes innovation easy.  

If you ask our leadership team what N2N stands for, you’ll get different takes on the same vision, the same mission:

From Kiran Kodithala, CEO:

N2N is committed to supporting organizations worldwide by providing tools to support innovations that will result in higher efficiencies and better solutions to enterprise customers. N2N’s offerings focus on secure, turnkey, enterprise data integration and these solutions are specifically built to enable cloud, mobile, social, and wearable integrations. The core commitment of enhancing efficiencies, by focusing on secure data interchange, is strongly supported by the company’s pledge to always listen and adapt to the needs of the customer.

From Joel Dunn, VP Technology, CTO, CISO:

N2N’s leadership team members are technologists, eager to use tools to help improve business processes, but we are also sharply focused on higher education. We understand higher education, having worked supporting institutional business processes for many years. This passion for technology, married with an understanding of how things work in higher education, is one of the keys we bring to the table with our product, Illuminate.

From Danielle Whitney, VP Business Development:

N2N is committed to solving the integration challenges of our customers through innovative products and customer-focused delivery.  Our leadership team has both breadth of experience and a depth of knowledge in higher education technology and integration to uniquely solve the myriad of challenges faced by our partners and customers. Combining our industry expertise with dedication to our customers is the key to our continued success.


At N2N, we’ve started a revolution.

We’re making innovation accessible to anyone, regardless of budget, size, or tech expertise.

Join the revolution. Call N2N today.

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