Integrating Ellucian PowerCampus with Macmillan Learning: A Case Study

Integrating Ellucian PowerCampus with Macmillan Learning: A Case Study

“Set it and forget it.”

It’s a phrase we often associate with cooking – but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to apply that same concept to your institution’s data transfer needs?

Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis, Minnesota, thought so.

We first met the folks from Dunwoody at Ellucian Live 2018, when they stopped by the N2N booth to chat.

They told us about the complex processes they currently had in place to transfer data between Ellucian PowerCampus and Macmillan Learning, and the monster queries they had to run in order to generate data files.

They were using a web-based system with extremely technical layers between interfaces – a system that required users to manually choose all of the parameters each time they ran queries against the database. This system was expensive and time-consuming – first of all, because users had to include so many criteria in each query, and secondly, because its output came in the form of multiple different tables, from which users would then have to glean the data that they then needed to import into Macmillan Learning.

To make matters worse, this process had to be repeated all the time, since there were a huge number of data elements that users needed to import from PowerCampus – this system was really eating up their resources!

We were thrilled to be able to tell them about our flagship product, the Illuminate API Management Platform, which enables automated, scheduled SIS to SaaS web-service transfers, and also allows for easy .csv data extraction, without the need for coding or time-consuming manual queries and data transfer.

N2N worked with Dunwoody to integrate Ellucian PowerCampus with Macmillan Learning and automate the transfer of attendance data, as well as midterm and final grades, on a daily basis.  We integrated them for both .csv extracts and scheduled SIS to SaaS web-service transfers.

Debra Marsolek, Senior IT Business Analyst at Dunwoody, explained that Illuminate had relieved a huge burden for them, refining their deeper technical process and making it more efficient. With 1280 students to keep tabs on, a streamlined process makes a huge difference in terms of time and money spent on data management.

With regard to N2N’s customer service, Debra said, “They were very responsive – they got back to us right away on things! We had weekly meetings, which was great, where we each had action items. I never felt like anyone lost track of where they were at; they were all very on top of it. They carried the load to make it all happen. They were great! We can’t thank them enough – we so appreciate the work they did.”

And now that it’s been a while since we helped Dunwoody get all set up? Debra said, “Now, everything is set up and working fine. We were looking at our logs – and there were no errors! It’s running smoothly. It’s truly ‘set it and forget it,’ because we know it’s running and working.”

If your institution would like help with PowerCampus integrations of any kind, give N2N a call today – or come see us this spring at Ellucian Live 2019! We’d love to chat.

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